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Welcome to Forever Forgotten, a Pokemon roleplay set in a cursed city inside a giant hole in the ground. We welcome roleplayers of all levels, and we offer a wide variety of events with chances for members to directly impact the site's overall plot. Join the government wings to maintain peace and harmony in the city, the notorious Yamask Saints or the rising Granbull Gang in pursuit of money or your own personal goals; or perhaps join us as a simple civilian trying to make it on their own.
As many of you may have noticed, a lot of updates have occurred in the past couple days. Those updates include:

With the release of USUM, Dusk Lycanroc is now available for starting and catch.

A new contest: Here
Members are able to compete in creating their own Regnum Pokemon (much like the Alolan Pokemon). Six lucky people will have those Pokemon made officially on the site. Check out the link for more details.

Completion of the Unown Event: Here
Members are welcome to continue posting in the event threads and everyone has received a prize for participating. Check out the post for more details.

A new event: Here
The GBG’s are up to no good and everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. Signups will be running for one week and you will be able to sign up even after the event has started. All of the GBG members have received a password for the locked board. Please do not share this with any other members unless they have a GBG Character.
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Spring has finally surfaced in Regnum, the mass amount of ice and snow slowly beginning to vanish as the flowers take over. Though the rivers still contain some ice and many buildings have fallen to ground due to the earthquake, the colours of spring has managed to make the place seem a tad bit peaceful. Perhaps it's a sign that things will be getting better again soon.
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It came so suddenly and without warning throughout the dead of the night: A sudden pulse throughout the city, followed by another and another. By the time people knew what was happening, a large earthquake shook the city, causing buildings to tumble, grounds to crack and shift and, worse of all, the city borders to collapse. Many lives were lost, others injured and lives completely changed forever.

The power plant in Regnum is still down, but some groups have gotten together with electric Pokemon to help restore some of the electricity to the city. It is suggested not to walk the streets alone as the crime rates have sky rocketed despite the efforts of the Enforcement Wing. Phones and internet is still down, but people have started finding other ways to communicate for the time being. In good news, the weather has begun to warm up, the snow and ice finally melting. Sadly, the barrier is still blocking people from leaving the city.
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 A Cliché First Meeting, cara | e
32 years
uni mythos professor
 Posted on: Aug 11 2017, 06:19 PM
i'll cry my life away
i'll let my smile decay
board all the windows tight and never leave the house at night this crazy state i'm in i'll never fall in love again
Due to the earthquake, classes had been canceled until the university could fully repair damages to the campus. Student safety was a top priority, after all. Then there was the matter of student housing, whether or not students would be able to pay their tuition fees, and if the school would have enough funding to keep its professors paid after everything was said and done. Prudence did not care about payment; he had the money stocked up to take care of himself until the university was able to smooth everything over. What he did care bout was the amount of time he had now. Usually, he was swamped with work and getting little sleep trying to grade papers. Now? He had nothing to do.

After moving into a small apartment near campus, he spent his time making lesson plans for the next year. He finished them all last week due to the lack of distractions. Sure, he could probably review them a couple hundred times to make sure that he was ready for the university to open its doors again, but the motivation he once had was gone. He had to do something else, anything else. No electricity and internet meant that his usual means of entertainment were crossed off his list. The books and comics that lined his bookshelves had already been read dozens of times, and he could not bring himself to pick any of them up just yet. Maybe next week.

Then came the realization as he opened the cabinets to make breakfast that morning: he was out of food. With a sigh, he peeled off his pajamas on his way to the bathroom. Half an hour later, he had showered, dried his hair, and managed to put on a presentable outfit for the day. It was just a pair of jeans and an out of season sweater, but it received a thumbs up from the Oranguru situated in the middle of the living room, surrounded by a pile of old books. In the orangutan's other hand was his glasses, and he had to squint as he was waved over before he even noticed them. "Thanks," he chuckled, taking his glasses and sliding them onto his face. Blinking as his vision sharpened, he shuffled around the apartment for a couple more minutes before he managed to find his wallet, keys, and phone. Yes, the phone was unnecessary, but it was a comforting feeling to have it in his back pocket.

"I'm off!"

He quickly closed the door behind him as the sound of hurried claws against the wooden flooring drew closer. "Sorry, Ma'at. Not today." Rubbing at the back of his neck, he locked the door and started for the marketplace.

Prudence was not the type of person to dawdle while shopping. He knew exactly what he wanted, and that was all he got. He never allowed himself to get distracted. Why? Because he knew he would forget something. Going down that rabbit hole only meant he would sidetrack himself with everything else, and he would only realize that he had forgotten something when he arrived home. As he turned into the grocery store, he grabbed one of the hand baskets and started forward. Nonperishable foods were first: a box of cereal, a couple cans of soup, canned vegetables, canned fruit, etc. Half of his usual grocery list had to be cut out due to the lack of electricity. He had managed to set up a Zeer Pot, but his hesitation to actually buy any fresh produce kept him from using it to its full potential.

As the basket grew heavier on his arm, the man slowly made his way out of the aisle. Red eyes glanced toward a rack displaying a small supply of assorted berries with the store's bakery behind it. Reluctantly, he turned toward them and made his way over, glancing over the contents of his basket before turning his attention to the rows of fresh produce. The supply was not nearly as plentiful as it once was, and he found himself hesitating once more. He turned away, half talking himself out of it, before turning back. You need to learn how to cook, one side of the argument spoke up in his head. That requires fresh ingredients! The other side chimed in with, What would you make? You don't even own a cook book, Prudence!

Salad. He could make salad. It was quick, simple, and he only had to worry about chopping off his fingers. It could not be that hard, right? Decision made, he turned his attention to the various types of lettuce. He could already feel himself backing out of his decision as he stared at all the different types. What should he choose? Did it matter? Without paying attention to his surroundings, he reached for a random head of lettuce.
this is a lotta rambling. first posts with a character suck. & Cara Rahl
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